The following items were championed by the Commission on Women or have been provided here as a resource.

Maternity parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis for expectant mothers in their final trimester of pregnancy. The program offers temporary parking for regular permit holders at no additional cost closer to the mother’s office, if possible and available. Contact Wa’Nika Smith in HR at 479.575.7618 to apply.
Private Nursing Mothers’ Rooms are available across campus for women who need to express milk for their babies – click here for a partial list. You can access an interactive map of nursing rooms on campus here. Building executives may add a location to the list by contacting facilities management .

Several formal and informal resource and affinity groups exist across campus designed for mentoring, to improve collegiality, offer networking among women in certain fields, and to share information.

Would you like to list your affinity group here? Please send the name, purpose and contact to